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Investment Process

Your path to success.

Initial Connection

The Investee may connect with BIV through a personal connection before officially submitting an application through the website.

Initial Application

The potential Investee will fill out the application on BIV's website to provide background information on the company to determine whether the process will continue.

Application Review

The BIV team will review the application and then provide a decision to the potential investee. If BIV decides to move forward, the potential Investee will submit a full business plan. BIV will provide a template that the potential Investee can use.

Other Referral

The Investee may hear about BIV through a friend, colleague, social media, or our website, which will lead to the Initial Application.



The Investee will meet with the entire BIV team in a formal presentation of their company with the information provided in the business plan template provided by BIV. BIV will respond within 30 days on whether a Letter of Intent (LOI) is being signed to continue onto due diligence.

Clinical Review

The potential Investee will meet with one of BIV's executive advisors to review the clinical aspect of the business and the operations. This review may not be required for all types of investments.

Financial Review

The potential Investee will meet with one of BIV's financial experts to review the Investee's financials that were submitted with the initial application. During this meeting the high level historic and projected financials will be reviewed and questions clarified.

Business Model Review

The business model review will be a meeting with a BIV member to review the basics of the company and give BIV a chance to ask clarifying questions. BIV will provide a business plan template that the entrepreneur may use if one is not already created.

Sign Closing Documents and Fund

This is the final stage of the investment process. A term sheet is agreed upon and funds are sent to the investee. The company is now officially a part of BIV's investments.

Due diligence includes more detailed reviews to verify all the information that has been provided by the potential investee to get an accurate value of the company to make the investment. This primarily includes in-depth clinical, financial, and legal reviews.

Due Diligence

Letter of Intent (LOI)

A letter of intent means that BIV has the intent to make an investment and will continue further procedures (due diligence) to verify everything that has been discussed thus far.

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