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HumbleBean Coffee


HumbleBean is a coffee company that brings India-Grown, Sustainable, Premium,
Ethically-Sourced Coffee, from Small & Medium farmers into the mainstream.

HumbleBean Coffee was started by a third generation Indian coffee farmer who had a passion for changing the way Indian coffee is experienced. Coffee in India is grown in a biodiverse landscape, which creates a more sustainable approach to growing and harvesting coffee. However, in order to create lasting change in the way coffee from India is harvested and experienced, farmers needed to be further educated on assessing coffee quality. 

The Coffee Academy, through HumbleBean, has started as a free program for farmers to learn more about how to identify the highest quality coffee. In turn, HumbleBean buys these high quality coffees and sells to roasters who are passionate about transparency or purchases and showcases the coffees under the HumbleBean brand. Farmers can typically make about 15-30% more than market price in this system. So far, the Coffee Academy program has touched around 450 farmers across India. 

On top of creating a more sustainable and economical way of growing and harvesting coffee, HumbleBean also aims to enhance the experience of consumers. They take pride in their coffee flavor, pastry pairings and increasing the coffee experience worldwide. 

Visit their website to learn more!

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