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Early Autism Services Australia

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In 2019, Bloom International Ventures launched Early Autism Services - Australia in order to assist a growing community of providers dedicated to increasing awareness and availability of local ABA-based services. 


In spite of COVID-related challenges, the company was able to celebrate successes: increasing its service capacity to encompass the metropolitan areas of two major cities, relocating a number of overseas BACB-licensed professionals into the country to meet significant gaps in these areas, and supporting the education and supervision of future, local clinicians. BIV provided the financial, operational, and clinical support to foster growth and work towards closing the gap between the need and amount of providers in Australia.

Early Autism Services - Australia is beginning to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to Early Intervention based on naturalistic and child-led Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles in partnership with Allied Health services including Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.  Their intervention services are designed to work as single disciplines or in collaboration with one another.

They provide a range of services in community-based locations to ensure that each child is given the best possible chance of learning. The experienced clinicians and Therapists use best-practice
naturalistic teaching that aligns with the child’s interests, so that all sessions are engaging and fun.

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