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In 2019, the leaders of Bloom International Ventures launched Early Autism Services - India, after identifying a devastating lack of access to ABA in India. Soon after, the world shut down for COVID. BIV guided the team on the ground through the pandemic with a transition from clinic-based therapy to an in-home therapy business model, provided clinical and operational mentoring, and supported the new venture financially.


The team in India was able to focus on providing ethical and effective services knowing that they were not alone.Despite COVID, the original clinic is now almost at capacity and three new clinics have launched in 2 new states. Speech and Occupational therapy are beginning to be integrated with ABA in the clinics. We look forward to this growth continuing and providing a larger impact in more states in India.

Today, Early Autism Services India provides a multidisciplinary approach to early intervention rooted in strengths and play-based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for, on average, 3,000 hours per month.  While their programs are data driven and goal oriented, EAS India uses a play and strengths-based learning model. All center-based programs include table time learning, interactive peer play, and free play. They work to support each child's fullest potential by creating a learning environment that both encourages and challenges children towards personal and socially significant growth.

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